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Physical Therapy
Our 3 Step Process

Relieve Your Pain

After a thorough evaluation during our one-on-one 60 minute visits, we will get your pain under control and managed through a variety of modalities including hands-on skilled Manual Therapy, cupping therapy, mobilization, and manipulation.

Address the Underlying 

Through specific and tailored exercises, we will address those painful tissues and get you well on the path to recovery. My goal is to provide you with an optimal program focusing on the most important "bang for your buck" movements that minimizes impact on your already busy schedule or strenuous training regimen.

Lifting Kettlebells

Ingrain Strategies for Long Term Success

Arguably the MOST important part of our time together will be the delivery of the necessary skills for understanding the nature of your pain, how we will treat it together, and the strategies you can use to become an effective caretaker of your own body now and into the future. 

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