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What Can You Help Me With?


Elbow/Wrist Pain:

Tendinitis - golfers elbow, tennis elbow, Fracture, TFCC injury

Knee Pain:

ACL/MCL Ligament Rehab, Patellar/quadriceps tendinitis, Arthritis, Meniscus tears

Foot pain:

PLantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain:

achilles tendinitis/Rupture, heel spurs

headaches, concussions

Neck pain:

cervical radiculopathy, whiplash

Shoulder pain:

Rotator Cuff Tears/repairs, Shoulder impingement, labral tears/repairs, arthritis  

Jaw pain:

Temporomandiubular dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)

low back pain:

sciatica, muscle strain, lumbar radiculopathy

Hip pain:

Gluteal Tendinopathies, Adductor strains/Tears hip labral tears/repairs, arthritis 

I don't see my problem listed above, what do I do?

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